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Lizzy - update in august 2012

Lizzy just weighed in at 55# after being stabilized on her thyroid meds.  Good news!!!  She needs only half the meds now with her slim frame and healthy eating & exercise regime.  She is very loving and attentive to people and gets along with some dogs.




Name:  Lizzy

Gender:  Female

Birth date: 11-1-04

Size:  medium at 55 lbs

Spay/Neutered:  yes

Vaccinations:  7/10/12

Heartworm status:  negative


This is Lizzy.  What a sweet, happy, loving girl she is!  Lizzie is happiest when hanging out with her humans, especially if that is outside as she hunts for tiny critters such as field mice or lizards.  Her breed may have been bred for duck hunting but she’d rather hunt little beasties in the yard.  When she isn’t hunting, she enjoys a good game of fetch or a long walk with her people.  She is ready to please you and greets you happily.

Lizzy came to us after her doting owner passed away.  Lizzy is well-behaved, comes when called, house-trained, responds to commands, and has a beautiful gold coat.  When she arrived, she was quite overweight.  She was diagnosed with hypothyroidism which is a common ailment in the golden.  Once she was on the proper dosage of thyroid meds, the weight melted away.  She is a slim, trim and health 55 lbs.  (Of course, putting her on a healthy diet and getting her exercised helped with the wt loss as well.)  

She is very good with people and her vet of many years says she has been a good patient there; however, she needs a proper introduction to other dogs.  Once she knows they are not a threat, she usually does ok with them but she simply doesn’t like all dogs and will show it.  Given the fact that she doesn’t like all dogs, it is probably best for her to be the only dog in the household; at the very least, she should meet the other dog of the house before hand.

Lizzy has some of the typical chronic health issues that this breed tends to get but are easily controlled with medications that are relatively inexpensive.  A few years ago, she was diagnosed with a seizure disorder and is stable on her medication.  In the year that she has been in foster care, her foster mom has only witnessed a few minor seizures - she shakes and is comforted when gently held until it passes.  She is on medication which costs about $20 per month from a supercenter.  As stated earlier, she has a thyroid disorder as well.  This is also easily managed with meds which cost about $20 per month from the vet.  These prices will vary depending upon costs in your area and the exact brand of drug that your vet prescribes.  

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