dixie2 also.jpg


Gender: Female
Age:6-8 yrs
Heartworm status: Treatment completed

Little Dixie is a small dog at about 43 lbs. She is a mix, but of what is anyone's guess. Perhaps she is a like a Comfort Golden (old style of  cocker / golden mix).

Dixie2 came to us from an area shelter. Her stated age is 6 but we believe she may be older based on teeth and x-rays, maybe as old as 8. She was an owner turn-in because "they couldn't keep her in the yard". With this in mind she'll need a home with a 6' fence. 

Dixie is such a love sponge, though she is slow to warm to strangers and will step behind me for protection if she can. With that said, she is quite the guard dog and will alert to activities outside (someone/something on the porch, people walking down the street that she sees from the window, etc.). Being a shy girl, I'm not sure she would actually protect you but she would let you know something is going on.

After a proper introduction, she loves to play and play hard. She and my young male play continuously. She and my senior female pretend the other doesn't exist. I think she needs a male for a housemate! She is a more dominant dog so she should have a less dominant companion.
She needs training as she doesn't seem to know most commands but does know sit and down but that is about it. She walks OK on a gentle leader.

She is an avid hunter who is very quick. Young possums, mice and rats do not stand much chance with her around. Because of this, I wouldn't want to put her in a home with small animals such as cats, small dogs, or rabbits.