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                      GSGRR’s Heart of Gold program provides an inexpensive way for dog lovers who are unable to foster or transport animals to become involved in Golden rescue. Heart of Gold sponsors support the foster Golden guy(s) or girl(s) of their choice with a one-time donation or a nominal amount each month. Sponsors can even buy treats or toys and send them to us to forward to their dog’s foster home. In appreciation, GSGRR sends each sponsor a certificate with the sponsored dog’s picture and updates on the dog's progress and adoption.

When GSGRR rescues Golden Retrievers from shelters and receives dogs turned in by their owners, our non-profit incurs expenses for veterinary care, food and other supplies. As most responsible Golden owners know, the cost of care typically runs:

An initial veterinary exam and vaccinations                                   $125

One-month supply of heartworm preventive                                   $20

One-month supply of premium dog food                                        $20

Soft bed                                                                                      $20

Food and water bowls                                                                 $15

Leash and collar                                                                         $15

Identification Tag                                                                      $7

Freedom from the pound (or worse), sunshine, fresh air,

love and attention, the chance to learn house manners             Priceless*


To become a Heart of Gold sponsor: Simply fill out the form below!

Heart of Gold
Golden Sponsorship Sign-up

Thank you for signing up to sponsor a Golden through Paypal! If you prefer to sponsor via personal check, you can download and print the Heart of Gold sponsorship form in Adobe Acrobat format here and send it through postal mail to:

Care of Jim Robertson, 2664 Choctaw Trail, Marianna, FL 32446


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