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Age: 6 years
Gender: Spayed Female
Vaccinations: Current
Heartworm status: HW Treatment completed 10-18-16
Weight: 70# 

Update on Daisy The Explorer as I like to call her. She has been in my foster care for a long time (since Fall and through heartworm treatment) and really needs a home of her own. 
Daisy6 is a sweet, independent girl meaning that she doesn't care to be around other dogs and she has her own opinions of who she likes and who she doesn't like. I haven't quite figured it out but she likes me and several of my friends. She doesn't show any resource guarding - neither food nor toys - around me or my friends and takes treats gently though eagerly. 

When we go out in public, she will occasionally "alert" on certain people disregarding size, gender, race, behavior, or any other characteristic either I or the behaviorist can identify. You know how sometimes you dislike someone on sight but for no apparent reason??? Well that's Daisy for you! Selective like a cat. Hah! 
Her foster home is in the country away from other homes and busy streets yet only a mile from the main road in Gulfport, Ms. Nearby neighbors or barking dogs on the other side of the fence may be a challenge at first. There is an abundance of wildlife which is why I call her The Explorer. She loves to run and chase the rabbits and squirrels or lizards and frogs - whatever is available, she will chase. Rarely catches them! For that reason, I wouldn't recommend a home with cats or children. Her area is fenced in and not in a subdivision so she exercises in a fenced yard. She also enjoys lying outside in the fresh air. She will walk well on a leash but probably needs more practice and .... "hold on tightly" if she spots a critter! 
When she tires of the outside, she will come in and accept scratches behind the ear (favorite spot) or let you gently brush her beautiful blond coat. 
She likes to listen to music - Native American flute music interests her, a yoga tape or nature sounds relax her like meditation. If no one is home or at night, she will need a crate or dog-proof area because her inquisitive nature may lead to unwelcome mischief. 

She loves two special toys - her stuffed alligator and a rubber chicken that squeak but she doesn't overdo the squeaking. She gently carries them around and doesn't hurt them unlike some other stuffed toys I've tried to add to her collection. As I said, she is selective with people and that goes for toys too! 
MOST IMPORTANT is that Daisy needs an experienced, understanding owner who will return her unconditional love, give her good food, and a good yard where she can explore and run or walks in the woods perhaps. 
If YOU think you can fit DAISY's requirements ??, please email us at for an adoption application.