2014 success stories




Intake: 7/16/14

Gender: Female

Spayed: 7/21/14

Age: 1 1/2 years (approx)

weight: 55# - will fill out as she matures

Vaccinations: Rabies: 7/18/14

Bordatella: 7/18/14

DA2PPV: 7/18/14

Heartworm status: negative, recheck in 6 months due to uncertain history of preventatives

Microchipped: yes

Temperament: moderate - still puppyish

Bella was adopted on 8/16/2014 by Blakely and Scott and will be living in Covington, LA.

Bella came to us from a shelter. She was an owner turn in because she lived on 4 unfenced acres and would wander off. In a fenced yard, she will do fine. She is a nice, friendly girl who likes people and other dogs. 




Cadie was adopted in Hammond, LA as of April 2014.Cadie is an 8yr old female surrendered by her owners 3/17/14 due to a military transfer.




Gender: Male

Age:14 weeks

Vaccinations: Current

Jordan was adopted in February of 2014 and is living in NOLA.

Jordan was an owner turn in because they were unable to spend enough time with him.




Age: Eight months

Gender: Male Neuter: 5/20/2014

Shots: Rabies 2/11/2014, DA2PPCL 2/11/2014

Heart Worm Status: 5/19/2014 test negative

Date Of Intake: 5/19/2014

Size: Medium 60 Pounds

Crosby was adopted in August of 2014 and is living in Pascagoula, MS.

Crosby is an affectionate, playful, high energy young dog. He enjoys being with people. He is an excellent companion animal, when other dogs are not present. With other dogs he wants to wrestle and tumble, but he is not aggressive. 


Age: 18 Months

Gender: Female

Spayed: 12/10/2013

Shots: Rabies 12/05/2013, DAPPV combination 11/27/2013,

Bordetella intra nasal spray 11/27/2013

Heart Worm Status: Tested negative

Date Of Intake: 12/16/2013

Size: Medium 40 pounds

Activity Level: High



Gracie was adopted in February of 2014 and is living in Baton Rouge, LA with David and Abbey. Gracie is a shelter rescue.She is a young puppy-like dog that loves to play and be petted. She is good with other dogs and enjoys wrestling with them. Gracie likes being with people and follows us around the house to lay at our feet. 




Sex: Male
Age: 7-9 years per vet
HW status: light positive, on slow treatment
Size: 82 pounds with no fat
Temperment: Calm but playful
Spay/Neuter: 9-9-13
Vaccinations: 7-23-13
Intake: 7-23-13

Toby Boy was adopted in February of 2014. Toby was brought to a shelter by his family.  The shelter was told he was 11 years old.  However, our vets agree that he is more likely 7-9 based on his general physique, teeth, and lack of macular degeneration.  All we know if that he is a very happy and active pup!



Age:5.5 yrs

Heartworm status: Test negative and on ProHeart Injection

Vaccinations: 2/2014

Weight: 91 pounds

Jackson was adopted and is living in NYS.

Update from his dad-



"Just wanted to update you on Jackson. He has really fit in just fine. He and Grady are buddies and love to wrestle. I think they are a good tag team for the WWF. We all enjoy our walks every evening and they both play ball very well.Thanks again for all of your help."





Age:11 years


Heartworm status:Tested Positive,being treated

Freddie was adopted in June of 2014 and is living in Niceville, FL. Freddie was found in a local shelter, abandoned for no apparent reason. He is a happy and affectionate dog. He is content to sit around but he loves to run and fetch.


Age: Two years old
Gender: Neutered male
Neutered: 2/26/2014
Shots: Current as of 11/07/2013
Heart worm status: Negative 11/07/2013
Intestinal parasites: Negative 2/26/2014
Date of intake: 02/23/2014
Size: Large at 72 pounds

Kosmos was adopted in March of 2014 and is living in Bush, LA.

Kosmo is a very affectionate young dog that enjoys being with people and is good with other dogs. He is in excellent health. Kosmo is a lover, not a ball player. He enjoys going for walks and playing with his people, but is not interested in chasing a tennis ball.






Age:3 years


Heartworm status:Tested negative 3/2014

Sir was adopted and is living in Baton Rouge with a GSGRR alumni.

From his mom:

"It's been a week now, and I think that Sir and Suzy are going to be fine! She still pursues him to play and mess around a bit more than I think he'd prefer, in his heart of (lazy) hearts, but he takes it well and now is instigating playtime himself. (I would, for my part, prefer less wrestling in the living room, but it seems very good-natured, so I just shove them outside if they get too crazy.) In sum, I think we have a good fit!"

Sir came to us after his owners asked us to find him another home. He likes long walks on the beach, only if he gets to go swimming.


Gender: Female
Age: 3-4 years
Vaccinations: Feb 2014
Heartworm Status: In treatment now
Maddie was adopted in June of 2014 and is living in NOLA.
Maddie came to us after she was found as a stray. She was very skinny and had trouble with her leg. The kind people who found her looked for her owners to no avail. Although they enjoyed Maddie’s company very much, they were not in a position to care for her so they got her to us.






Age: 4-6 years
Gender: Neutered male, neutered 8/6/2014
Shots: Current 7/31/2014
Heart Worm Status: Tested positive 8/6/2014, treated 9/23/2014, excellent recovery
Size: Large 68 pounds
Activity level: Medium

Rock was adopted in December of 2014.

This sweet dog is a lover. A better name for him would be Teddy as he has a terrific Teddy Bear face. Rocky came to the rescue program as a stray from animal control. He is not interested in chasing a ball and would rather follow us around the house and put his head in our lap when we sit down.


Sissy was adopted in January of 2014.

This beautiful girl and her sibling were chained up in a back yard by people that abandoned them there. An angel neighbor, fed them and ultimately took them in when she realized the people were not going to be returning. This neighborhood angel already had 5 dogs and just couldn't take on two more. She did however get these two vetted and cared for them until she could find the right solution. Sassy's sibling was adopted by a New Orleans Police Officer. Sassy was then turned over to us. 






Gender: Female

Spay/Neuter: Yes

Microchip: No

Heartworm Status: positive, on the slow treatment

Vaccinations: 1/9/14

Intake: 1/8/14

Age: 8 Years

Temperament: calm and loving

Weight: 83 pounds - needs to lose 10 pounds

Spritzi was adopted and is living in Biloxi, MS. Spritzi is an owner turn in from a family that did not have time for her. Her temperament is pure golden, wanting to be right next to people. She is in excellent overall health even with heartworms. Spritzi loves people. She follows us from room to room and does not like to be outside with a closed door between her and people. Walking is a breeze with her. 



Age:5 to 6 mo.


Heartworm Status: Tested negative

Timber was adopted in June of 2014 and is living in NOLA.

Timber came to us from a local shelter. He appears to be a golden mix. He was injured when hit by a car and needed surgery to repair his hip.






Gender: Male

Age: estimated at 2 years

Weight: 55 lbs (could gain a little wt. )

Vaccinations: up to date

Neutered: yes

Heartworm status: Negative 3/31/14 (retest in 6 months)

Energy level: moderate

Temperament: Friendly with people and other dogs, playful and slightly submissive

Watson was adopted and is living in Slidell LA.

An update from May of 2014:

My wonderful foster, Watson, went to Slidell on Friday with Stephanie and family. He had an exciting weekend swimming in the pool and playing with his new siblings and humans. The trial run was successful and he is now a part of their family. 

Watson came to us from a local shelter where he was an unclaimed stray. As happens from time to time, he appeared extremely energetic while at the shelter but as soon as he was out of that hectic environment he calmed down significantly. He has proven himself to be a nice, good boy. His energy level is moderate for a young dog.