2015 success stories

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                                "Lady Bug"

                                "Lady Bug"


Age: 2 years
Gender: Spayed Female. Spayed 8/6/2014
Shots: Current 7/31/2014
Heart Worm Status: Tested positive 8/6/2014. Treated 9/23/2014, excellent recovery
Size: Medium at 52 pounds
Activity level: Active young dog

Lady Bug was adopted in January of 2015 and is living in Pineville, LA. An update from Lady's mom:

"The first moment I saw Lady, I knew she would be my dog. She has made my life and my home so wonderful, I could never imagine giving her back! I am happy to report she is adjusting well. She no longer has accidents in the house. She absolutely loves going to my parents and playing with Chester. I wanted to send you a picture of the two of them playing together, but they are never still long enough for a picture! If I manage to get one, I will send it to you. The pictures I did attach are from our New Years Eve party at my parent's house. She loves to be near me as much as possible and I love it too! She is such a joy and I feel so very lucky to have her. I hope y'all had a wonderful time on your trip! Thank you for everything!!"

Lady is a very cute young dog. She is a bit of a mix with a smaller breed and looks like a dog you would see in a Disney movie. Lady came to us as a stray from animal control. 


Age: 7 years

Sex: Male

Energy Level: High

Heartworm Status: Completed heartworm treatment

Spay/Neuter: Yes

Vaccinations: Up to date

Beau (pictured on left) was adopted in January of 2015 and is living in NOLA.



Meet Beau. As his name suggests, he is a handsome red headed boy. He loves to be with people and has been friendly with dogs after a proper introduction. He should not be around cats. Beau is energetic and daily exercise will be a must. He has benefited from obedience classes that he took with his foster dad.